Wedding Magazine.

Creative Format

  • Conventional media.
  • Magazine advertisement.
  • Dimensions
    4.917”w x 4.875”d

This is part of a full campaign for “Haig at home”, This is for a fresh new audience. Haig have requested for the use of flowers to give the brand a new makeover and a fresh look and feel. Aimed at women therefore the advertisements must have a more feminine feel.


Fits the problem

This advertisement is completely against the norm for a whiskey company, which fits exactly how Haig describe themselves because they aren’t an old fashioned whiskey company they are very new and modern. Advertising specifically for the Haig at home parties and within a wedding magazine is something quite risky however, I believe it will open up Haig to a new market which In the past they haven’t explored.

Achieves Objectives

Brand awareness

Using a different type of media then what Haig have used before and being placed within a wedding magazine means there is potential for a complete new market who may never have heard of or used Haig before. Brand awareness will be increased by the fact that this advertisement is very simplistic, which ties in with previous advertisements of Haig also the flowers, which have been incorporated throughout this new set of advertisements.

Expanding market

Haig want to expand their market and this is the perfect opportunity having a range of people within the reading this magazine  means that they are reaching people that in the past they will not have been able too. Using the magazine meant that we would be reaching to people who are planning hen and stag parties therefore the Haig at home service could be something which may fit their needs perfectly.

New product awareness

This product is aiming to spread awareness for the “Haig at home” Service.  This advertisement gives them a little taste for the packages that we offer and goes into more detail then the other advertisements within the campaign. We are also showing how our new product can be used for engagement parties, hen parties and even possibly at the wedding.

Suites consumers

The top end of our market 23-25 are around the age of settling down and potentially planning a wedding, which is where this advertisement works we want to reach every person within the target market and by using this advertisement it is showing how this service can be used to fit the individual’s needs. Our market are young professionals, this advertisement proves how you can have a hen or engagement party but still be classy and keep it small instead which is fitting for social trends as appose to having larger parties.

Portrays main message

The first half of the message is all about being different keeping in theme with this we have kept the bright and clean cut image having the white flowers, which make the brand feel fresh.  Weddings are all individual and so is our brand this is why they pair together well.


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