Snap chat filter.

snapchat filter

(Lorenzatto, 2017)

Creative format

  • Digital Media
  • Dimensions: Adaptive to phone measurements.


This is part of a full campaign for “Haig at home”, This is for a fresh new audience. Haig have requested for the use of flowers to give the brand a new makeover and a fresh look and feel. Aimed at women therefore the advertisements must have a more feminine feel.

Fits the problem

The problem is that a lot of whiskey companies are aiming at older generations, by using snapchat we are approaching a different market which means there will be less competitors and we are trying to make the whiskey culture more fun and fresh. Spreading awareness off new services by using the tag line “Haig at home parties” which could simply be them snapchatting themselves at home with our whiskey or it could be them taking pictures and using our service at the same time.

Achieves objectives

Brand awareness

Brand awareness will be increased by the fact that we are using the logo at the top of the filter and also the tagline at the bottom will all link to brand awareness. Keeping the flower theme as well means all parts of the new campaign fit together and the customers can see the link.

Expanding market

Although expanding the market is key there are still people within our current market that we need to reach out and by using social media to do this means that people who might not have specifically gone out looking for a whiskey company will consider trying us.


Using the same Haig logo which placed on all our products and services means there is a reinforcement that we are still the same brand and this just an extension of our brand. Keeping with the same theme of flowers reinforces that just because whisky is predominantly male that doesn’t mean it has to be harsh and cold but it can be light and fun.

New product awareness

This has the tag line at the bottom saying “Haig at home parties” therefore creating awareness for the new product however not being too over bearing that the consumer will be confused the main objective of this is for it to be fun for the consumer and something they can which is a bit of fun.

Suites consumers

Our consumers are like social media over the past year Snapchat and filters on photos have become more and more popular so by using this we are tapping into what our consumers like and how we can use this to our advantage. Placing ourselves inside of consumer’s phones enables them to use the filter when they are just having fun and then can share it with friends which once again will build up awareness.

Portrays main message

This gives the consumer the choice to be different and unique and then frame it with Haig filter, encouraging the consumer to be themselves and enjoy life is a huge part of Haig. Linking in with you make rules as snap chat allows the consumers to be silly and goofy whilst sharing any moment with their friends and family.



Lorenzatto, H. (2017). [image] Available at: [Accessed 27 Apr. 2017].


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