Recipe Cards.

Creative Format

  • Conventional Media
  • Recipe card
  • 14.7 x 10.6 cm

This is part of a full campaign for “Haig at home”, This is for a fresh new audience. Haig have requested for the use of flowers to give the brand a new makeover and a fresh look and feel. Aimed at women therefore the advertisements must have a more feminine feel.


Fits the problem

One of the main problems is that people already have an image in their head of what whiskey is and who should be drinking it which will prevent people from even purchasing our product, By having Recipe cards on the shelf by our product offering a different way to drink the whiskey is going to open up our market and show people that they aren’t the same as every company and they have a uniqueness to their brand.

Achieves objectives

Brand awareness

As the recipe cards will be placed next to the whiskey and on the shelf this will increase the awareness because they will see them and this will encourage them to try Haig whiskey instead of their competitors. Brand awareness is also helped by the fact that the recipe cards keep in theme with the flowers which they can link to other advertisements and having one side based around product awareness and another around how they can use the product.

Expanding market

Having it on the whiskey shelf will help with expansion because it will reach to consumer who will have in the past bought another brand, noticing the recipe cards may entice them to try Haig whiskey instead also if consumers are buying alcohol as a gift having a bottle with a recipe card is a little bit nicer as well and helps introduce more people to the product.


This product ties in with our current products and reinforces its versatility by showing how it can be used to make more than just one drink but a range of drinks, to suit a range of people.

New product awareness

This Advertisement both uses old products and new services combined. Firstly it give the consumer an idea on how to use and consume Haig clubman which is a current product that we offer, on top of this it also offers the services of “Haig at home” which in the past they may have not considered.

Suites consumers

Regardless of age people need to go food shopping so by having this placed in a supermarket means will reach a larger market.  The target market are outgoing and willing to try new products therefore if they see this on the shelf it will encourage them to try it out where as older markets have more loyalty to specific brands.

Portrays main message

The first half of the message is all about being different and the recipe cards show them exactly how to be different and that there is more than one way to drink whiskey and that just because most people drink it straight that does mean you have too. Putting quite a harsh drink on a flowery background links into making your own rules because they aren’t two things which would normally be associated with each other.


Cesstai, G. (2017). [image] Available at: [Accessed 27 Apr. 2017].


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