Daily mail online. Banner

Creative format

  • Digital Media
  • Dimensions:  120 x 240 pixels

This is part of a full campaign for “Haig at home”, This is for a fresh new audience. Haig have requested for the use of flowers to give the brand a new makeover and a fresh look and feel. Aimed at women therefore the advertisements must have a more feminine feel.


Fits the problem

This advertisement once again doesn’t look like the norm for a whiskey company, which fits exactly how Haig describe themselves because they aren’t an old fashioned whiskey company they are very new and modern. Advertising specifically for the Haig at home, using the daily mail online which is a popular website for news and often used young professionals to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Achieves objectives

Brand awareness

Brand awareness will be increased by the fact that this advertisement is very simplistic, which ties in with previous advertisements of Haig also the flowers, which have been incorporated throughout this new set of advertisements. Using the same font throughout the advertisements is key to ensuring that our consumer knows that this service is owned by Haig.

Expanding market

Haig want to expand their market and this is a great chance for them to do so with the daily mail online getting millions of hits every day, this would give the brand a lot of exposure to different markets that In the past may have not been targeted. Being one of the largest online newspapers would work to our advantage even if it means they click on the advertisement and then decide otherwise it would still increase the awareness which is a positive.


Using the same font as other advertisements and the font that is on all our products is extremely important to reinforce that all parts of our brand hold the same ethos and values. This will help consumers be able to make the link between our products and services, which with consumer loyalty would mean they choose Haig product over a different whisky brand.

New product awareness

This Advertisement will spread awareness for the “Haig at home” Service.  This advertisement gives them an idea of events that we do and therefore by clicking on the advertisement they will be taken to our website where they can learn more about this service and have a better understanding.

Suites consumers

Our consumers are quite big on social media and so is the daily mail online with them having their own snapchat stories and being quite active on Facebook and twitter, Often consumer will go onto social media and follow a link to the daily mail online so by choosing this website means that we will be seen by our market.

Portrays main message

The first half of the message is all about being different keeping with theme of having flowers however it has been changed to a singular flower which means it fits with the rest of the campaign but it still different.  When listing the type of events we do we had to ensure that we put “other…” at the end so that its clear there are no limitations to what we do or to what our consumers can think of and there are no rules.


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