Creative Brief- Haig Clubman


Main Message

“Designed to be different, you make the rules.”

The Problem

Being a whisky company there is a massive misconception that we are aimed at an older generation and also specifically males. We also offer a range of products and services that our consumers are unaware of.

Our Consumers

  • 18-25 year olds
  • Use of social media
  • Young professionals
  • Outgoing
  • Enjoy Cocktails/Shopping.

Our Objectives

  •      Brand Awareness- Increasing brand awareness by reaching out to a range of markets and using different variety media, which Haig have not used before.
  •      Expanding the market: Currently our market is mainly male and between the ages of 18-25, we want to expand this and reach to a larger group of consumers.
  •      Reinforcement: Showing that although we have expanded the brand and the brand have grown that we still have the same values as when we all started.
  •      New Product Awareness: Spreading awareness for “HAIG AT HOME” a service, which will be offered, and the packages that are involved in this service.

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