Shopping Centre, Interactive Media.

Creative format

  • Digital out of home
  • Dimensions:  1080 x 1920 pixels

This is part of a full campaign for “Haig at home”, This is for a fresh new audience. Haig have requested for the use of flowers to give the brand a new makeover and a fresh look and feel. Aimed at women therefore the advertisements must have a more feminine feel.


Fits the problem

One of the main problems was that there was limited awareness of the other products and services that Haig offer this part of the campaign is specific to increasing awareness for “Haig at Home” parties.  The problem was also that a lot of people were presuming that the product was aimed at older males, taking this into consideration we have made this advertisement quite vibrant and fun which fits the feel of the brand.  Using an interactive advertisement within a shopping centre will also reach out to a younger and wider audience which in the past television advertisements have not reached.

Achieves objectives

Brand awareness

Using a different type of media then what Haig have used before and being placed within a shopping centre means there will be a high footfall which will increase the awareness. Brand awareness is also helped by the fact that this advertisement is quite simple with the three bottles which when they go shopping will help with product recognition and they link back to this advertisement.

Expanding market

Haig want to expand their market and this is the perfect opportunity having a range of people within the shopping centre means that they are reaching people that in the past they will not have been able too.


This is a new twist on old advertisement which will enforce that Haig have kept the same values despite growing and becoming more popular. This is Important to maintain consumers which have previously bought the product, because as well as widening our market it is important that we keep our current consumers in mind as well.

New product awareness

This product is aiming to spread awareness for the “Haig at home” Service. Having the main focus around the bottles, and the Tagline at the bottom saying “Haig at Home, Book now”. Keeping the three CLUBMAN bottles helps with the Brand awareness and then incorporating the new product into this helps with Brand awareness objective.

Suites consumers

As shopping is a common pass time for Haig’s target market having a Media which is placed in a shopping centre means that Haig will be in a prime spot for group of people shopping.  There is nothing better after a hard day shopping then getting a drink to relax afterwards this advertisement is likely to stick in their heads as it will be quite large which increases brand awareness and increase sales.

Having a large advertisement which is eye catching means that even if potential consumers only glance over, they will still be able to understand the concept and the product that we are advertising.

Portrays main message

The first half of the message is all about being different which when looking at other whisky brand and their advertisements the colours are mainly browns and blacks so by using a brighter palette helps portray this message. Making it more feminine also links to you make the rules because it shows that you shouldn’t conform to the rules.


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