London Underground- Advertisement.

Creative Format

  • Conventional media.
  • Print, Billboard.
  • Dimensions
    3048 mm x 6096 mm
    3.048 m x 6.096 m
    10 ft x 20 ft


Fits the problem

This would be a billboard advertisement that we aim to have around London on the underground tube stations, it is big and eye catching. I wanted to ensure that The bottles were quite big so that it will stick in people’s minds, it is quite clean cut and to the point this is because as Tubes average about every 2 minutes there will only be a short time for them to read it and understand the concept. This links with the problem of their other services not having enough exposure.

48 Sheet Cross Track posters face passengers as they wait for the Tube, planting your campaign in their memory due to their dominant size in front of an attentive audience.”(, 2017)

Achieves objectives

Brand awareness

Having three large bottles which are identical to those which are in the store will help with the brand recognition and therefore increase brand awareness.

Expanding market

This advertisement is also gender neutral which links into the “You make the rules”, as it not specifically aimed at men or women. It sits alongside the young professional image very nicely sue to cleanness. Reaching out to females is a new market that in the past other whisky companies have missed.


The advertisement above of the three Haig bottles has been used in the past when Clubman was originally launched, I felt like using this as a base and working around it would also help with the brand recognition as consumers will be able to link the two advertisements together.

New product awareness

Putting a new twist on a previous advertisement and also changing the media format mean that it will be reaching a fresh market which in the past it may have missed. It also enforces that as a company they haven’t changed and that the objective of the brand is the same as when they started this is important as we need to ensure that we keep our current consumers as well as well reaching out to new consumers.

Suites consumers

It is proven that when it comes to print billboards the simpler the better above is a collection of advertisements that worked really well due to their simplicity, Having one large image and only a one or two lines of text . I have used a similar technique with the underground advertisement as one of the objectives was to create Brand awareness this seemed like a really precise way to get the message across.  A lot of the audience being young professionals will be based in London and commute on a daily basis so by placing our self in a prime location where we will reach our target market on a daily basis will fit in with our consumer’s life style.

Portrays main message

The message is about making your own rules so by having an advertiser with a blank space around the bottles is saying to the consumers that they can make the drink their own and there is no rules with this drink. This will help encourage individuality and also reach a larger market because it expresses and everybody is welcome message.

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